This informal group meets every Monday at 10am in the Community Centre.

But it isn’t just quilting that is the attraction. This is a wonderful time together to sew, knit, crochet, cross-stitch and chat. Bring your projects along and spend some time with company as you work.  

Morning tea is integral to this group and a lovely way to start the morning.

Quiltabouts has also been responsible for many of our prizes for raffles and events – a beautiful quality quilt was most recently won at our 2022 ArtBurst Creative Fair, where Quiltabouts took prime position with their stall.

Quiltabouts regularly donates funds raised through craft stalls and sales at ArtBurst.  These funds contribute to our mission fund.

          Contact Margot on 3378 8778 for more information

Quiltabouts members displaying a wide range of work for sale at 2023

ArtBurst Fair and then at their meetings working towards the next projects.