Social Groups

Women’s Evening Fellowship

The Women’s Evening Fellowship is a happy and friendly group of women who meet the second Monday of each month – although no longer in the evening!

The aim of the Fellowship is to provide opportunity for women of all ages to share in Christian friendship, to support each other and to enjoy a varied program as well as to share in the wider work of the church and community.

You are very welcome to join us!

The Fellowship has representatives on the organising committee for the World Day of Prayer. It also takes responsibility for organising the weekly church flower roster.  Members of the congregation are invited to assist with the flower roster by offering to arrange flowers in the church, or to contribute to flowers being provided to remember a loved one or to mark a special event in their family.

For more information please contact the office or send us an email here: 

Men’s Lunch

The Men’s Lunch has been recently re-formed after a hiatus during 2020. The Men’s Lunch began at Method to the Madness in Kenmore, and has since moved locations a few times. It is now hosted at the Bizzi Bee Cafe in Pullenvale, and offers a good yarn and a great cuppa.

Open to all fellows who want to get out, meet up and make lasting connections through friendship and good food!

It isn’t easy to open up and admit we need support. The Men’s Lunch offers this friendship and support in a gentle and companionable fashion – blokes there for their mates, through the thick and thin bits of life as we face these very strange times together. 

Bookings are essential – for more information contact the office or call Bill East on 3878 5324. 

Music Lovers 

Music Lovers was founded by David Allen, pianist, composer and organist extraordinaire. Beginning humbly as a group only of our church, and has grown into a community-embraced gathering of musical people! Come and enjoy a concert at our church hall each Thursday, for a small $5 donation. Conversation, coffee and good music is always guarenteed.

Music Lovers meet from 10am – 11:30am, with an interval.
Come along and enjoy listening to music in a relaxed atmosphere!

Kenmore Music Lovers’ dedicated team organise a programme of music. Sometimes it is live music, and sometimes recorded. Your donation of $5 towards this outreach means we can have lots more class-acts come and perform for you live. 

Contact the office for more details. The upcoming program is available here: Music Lovers






Last Updated 4/7/21