On the third Thursday of each month the Kenmore Music Lovers group organise a  programme of music. Sometimes it is  live music, and sometimes recorded.

All people are welcome to come. Morning tea is available.

Music Lovers have decided on a donation of $5 to enable more live music to be included.


SEPTEMBER 20 QSO Duo – Jill Atkinson on Harp and Concertmaster Warwick Adeney on violin


Harpist Jill Atkinson

Local harpist, Jill Atkinson, is long-time Principal Harpist with the Queensland Symphony  Orchestra and will present music to interest and delight, accompanied by her lively stories. She says:

Music is totally part of who I am. I cannot imagine a day without music in it. It lifts my mood when I am down, and takes me to great heights. Music challenges, soothes, heals, and stimulates in so many ways, particularly the brain function. It keeps me young and interesting!








AUGUST 16 – SOUL’D OUT – Male quartet