On the third Thursday of each month the Kenmore Music Lovers group organise a  programme of music. Sometimes it is  live music, and sometimes recorded.

All people are welcome to come. Morning tea is available.

Music Lovers have decided on a donation of $5 to enable more live music to be included.





JULY  20th : Robert Pyper and John Woods




June 15th 10 am

Harpist Jill Atkinson

Local harpist, Jill Atkinson, is long-time Principal Harpist with the Queensland Symphony  Orchestra and will present music to interest and delight, accompanied by her lively stories. She says:

Music is totally part of who I am. I cannot imagine a day without music in it. It lifts my mood when I am down, and takes me to great heights. Music challenges, soothes, heals, and stimulates in so many ways, particularly the brain function. It keeps me young and interesting!




MAY 18th

We had a fascinating morning with violinist John Willison telling the story of his life and career in the United Kingdom playing with famous musicians of all kinds, from Benjamin Britten to Pink Floyd and the Beatles. He also demonstrated some of his musical journey with his beautiful 18th century violin.


APRIL 27th

Fascinating, beautiful, evocative, highly-skilled – these are descriptions of the stunning performance on the Chinese harp by Jingjing Lu in April which the audience responded to with enthusiasm.