On the third Thursday of each month the Kenmore Music Lovers group organise a  programme of music. Sometimes it is  live music, and sometimes recorded.

All people are welcome to come. Morning tea is available.

Music Lovers have decided on a donation of $5 to enable more live music to be included.



Great trio to finish off the year:







10-11.30am  $5 includes morning tea

A crowd of about 40 turned up to hear David Allen, founder of Music Lovers and pianist and organist extraordinaire bringing his own special flair to a musical morning of old and new music from different genres. 










Many thanks to Pullenvale State School for sending their choir of Grades 4 and 5 children to provide a delightful morning of choral entertainment with everything from a round of To Stop the Train in cases of Emergency to a wonderful rendition of the Fortuna song from Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana accompanied by piano and cymbals. This plus their latest songs in Japanese which they have prepared for a Lord Mayor’s welcome to Brisbane’s sister city in Japan. Some individual students also added their solos on piano and flute to the programme. 

What a great range for such young singers, especially with their Grade 6 cohort away in Canberra on the traditional visit to the Federal Capital. Well-known conductor Rhonda Davidson-Irwin, is to be congratulated for the variety of songs and competency of these young singers, who are a credit to her and their school. 







MAY 16 – SOUL’D OUT – Male quartet